How Woodmont Simplified Its Caddie Program

“Simplifying Caddie Program Management”

How Woodmont Leverages CaddieNow’s Suite of Services

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As one of the premier country clubs in the nation, Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, MD continues to serve its members with its world-class facilities, attentive staff, and a long history of excellence. It is particularly known for hosting USGA U.S. Open final sectional qualifying rounds every year but one since 1986, and hosted its first USGA championship, the 120th U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship, in August. Yet, through it all, simplifying the caddie program remained a challenge.

Andy Heiberger, Head Professional at Woodmont, recently sat down for an interview with PGA Magazine. Enjoy some of his insights regarding changes to his caddie program and reasons for choosing CaddieNow as his partner, including solutions for issues other platforms can’t, or won’t, provide.

Andy Heiberger, Head Golf Professional, Woodmont

Tell us a little about your caddie program.

With our small group of core caddies, who are also employees of the club, we generally assign caddie loops about a week in advance. We partnered with CaddieNow prior to this season and they have been a great addition to our operation. Previously we managed a small caddie program internally that consisted of about twelve employees. Over the year we have had some challenges but the addition of CaddieNow has been a great benefit as it has solved prior problems.

What problems have you solved?

Having a limited number of trained caddies at our club, we often struggled to fulfill all requests during high demand times such as tournaments and days with cart restrictions. With CaddieNow’s large network of qualified caddies, we have been able to fill these requests easier. We have also been able to add new regular caddies to our team that helps significantly when we lose seasonal staff. CaddieNow helps our team recruit, certify, and train all new caddies when we need their support. When we get a new caddie, we’re confident in their abilities. Their entire recruiting and training process saves us time and money and makes our caddie program more flexible and easier to manage.

What is your advice for other like-clubs in your situation?

At Woodmont we have always had caddies as employees of the club to protect the club and have coverage should we need it. We’re surprised anytime we hear about other clubs with caddie programs that are not compliant. With CaddieNow you will protect your club from any liability while also protecting the caddies from personal injury and wasted time.
CaddieNow is completely customizable to fit the needs of any club or existing caddie program. They have great software which is helpful for keeping organized and communicating with caddies. There are multiple ways members can request a caddie. Most importantly, CaddieNow is completely behind the scenes and my members don’t even know it exists. The process hasn’t changed from the member’s standpoint, which keeps the transition simple.

Woodmont Country Club, Private 36 hole golf complex in Rockville, MD

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