About CaddieNow

CaddieNow is the nation’s fastest-growing and leading virtual service platform that pairs golfers with caddies. This app offers a quick, easy and affordable way for a golfer to book a caddie, caddies to find work and for courses to provide premium services at no operational cost to them. CaddieNow delivers a shared economy app - in the model of popular shared-economy services like Uber and Lyft - that matches golfers with available caddies at affordable prices.

Golfers simply download the free CaddieNow App, which is available for either iPhone and Android devices at and register. They can immediately start using the service at any of the participating courses.

The Problem

Golf carts have killed the caddie business in the U.S. While carts make golf more accessible for some they have lessened the game for others. For the millions of golfers, who would prefer to walk and to play the way they see on television, the option of a caddie means a return to the tradition of Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, and Arnold Palmer. 

Traditional caddie programs are very expensive and labor intensive. CaddieNow makes caddie service viable for courses, accessible for players, and simple for caddies.

-We provide courses and players access to 'caddies on demand' through a mobile app downloaded to your phone.

The Solution

For the millions of golfers who would prefer to walk, but not have to carry their bag, the option of a caddie means a return to a great tradition. We also understand the need for carts on some of today’s golf courses and have found that forecaddies can enhance the round for golfers while speeding up the pace of play.

Playing golf with a CaddieNow looper is the way the game is meant to be played. When walking with a looper, a golfer feels like a pro, enjoys the round more, gets more exercise, and most importantly, plays better.