Tee Sheet Integration

Do You Integrate With Our Tee Sheet?

Until recently, the golf industry has been slow to innovate and change traditional golf course operations.  COVID-19 has accelerated change and opened clubs and PGA Professionals up to new, different, and more efficient ways of solving age-old problems. As we continue our conversations with clubs across America regarding modernization of their caddie programs, a recurring theme we are hearing is “do you integrate with our tee sheet?”

POS Systems Now Offering API Access

At the center of a Golf Club’s primary technology investment is the Point of Sale system – ideally serving as the hub for all scheduling, tee times, and communications.  Many clubs made the transition to electronic tee sheets and back-office systems over the past 10+ years and as a result, those systems – ForeTees, ClubEssentials, Jonas, ClubProphet, and EZLinks for example – have now become the 800 lb gorilla in the golf operations and IT stack.  All other new solutions and technologies must somehow integrate with those pre-existing systems in order to be seriously considered by management and actually save time for the professional staff.

From ForeTees to ClubEssentials, Jonas to Club Prophet, and more, it’s clear that the elimination of Double Data Entry is one of the critical criteria in the decision to implement a Virtual Caddy management solution like CaddieNow.

Eliminate Double Data Entry

tee sheet integration

Clubs managing caddie programs on the CaddieNow platform now have the ability to push key data into the CaddieNow management platform directly from their tee sheet, altogether eliminating double data entry for the staff or caddie manager.

Tee Sheet Integrations with our existing partners allow member tee times or caddie requests to sync with the CaddieNow platform automatically – saving hundreds of hours and thousands of text messages and phone calls.  The benefits include convenience, accuracy, and time savings, among others:

– Caddie requests made seamlessly including member preferred/excluded caddies
– Caddie Manager has oversight ability to assign, manage, or message caddies
– Detailed reports for loop billing and accounting

Integrating with Tee Sheets is another step toward making CaddieNow the most robust solution for Caddie Management.

Your Program. Your Control. Our Platform

Modernize your existing caddie program with tailored solutions that streamline operations, reduce costs, and minimize potential liabilities. Re-imagine the experience for your caddies, members, and staff. Start by checking out these Caddie Program Service Options, and let’s continue the conversation.

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