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CaddieNow's Comprehensive Offering in New York Addresses Employee Classification Issues and Much, Much More

As clubs continue to determine the best path forward in golf’s ‘new normal', we are constantly sharing ideas with Head Golf Professionals, Directors of Golf, Caddie Program Managers, and GM's throughout New York - each looking to address different aspects of their caddie programs. It can be hard to navigate the myriad of challenges you face. It takes time that you probably don’t have. We’ve spent a lot of hours and energy curating this list of articles so that you can understand the common challenges, how to address them, and what it takes to successfully implement change. From current laws and policy to the constant drumbeat of employee misclassification lawsuits, we can help you navigate the potential impact on your club, caddies, and members, and provide options for preserving, protecting, and growing your caddie traditions.


Dave Cavossa
Founder & CEO

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State by State - New York

Employee or IC?

The news cycle is delivering a drumbeat of new legal action around the misclassification of employees. Throughout 2020, there have been legal developments in New York featuring cases of businesses misclassifying their workers as independent contractors instead of employees. With the election results, more changes are expected to influence clubs and caddies alike.

"Under President-elect Biden, the DOL likely will move away from the new proposed rule on classification towards a more restrictive view of independent contractor relationships. In particular, President-elect Biden’s platform notes that employer misclassification of “gig economy” workers as independent contractors prevents them from receiving many legal benefits and protections. He has supported the use of a strong three-prong “ABC test” to distinguish employees from independent contractors." Learn more...

May 2020 -

NY Court of Appeals Grapples with Classifying Gig Workers and the Modern Economy

The New York Court of Appeals recently affirmed the decision of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board that Postmates couriers should be classified as employees, not independent contractors, for purposes of unemployment insurance..” Learn more...

December 2019 -
National Golf Links of America faces challenges from NY's Fair Labor Standards Act and NY labor laws

If you're an employee, it's not enough to say that you work for tips," Zabell said. "You still have to pay your employees and make sure that on days you make them come in, you have to pay them even if there's no work.

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"We're different, and CaddieNow's Software-as-a-Service model provides a simple, seamless solution that allows us to communicate, schedule, and remove cash from our Caddie Operation."

- Bill Sendell, Member Services - Tehama Golf Resort

"Addressing new labor law was our biggest concern. As the only company taking on caddies as its employees, CaddieNow's Premier Service Level provides the perfect solution for addressing strict employee classification standards."

- John McCook, Director of Golf - Newport Beach Country Club

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