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As clubs continue to determine the best path forward in golf’s ‘new normal', we are constantly sharing ideas with Head Golf Professionals, Directors of Golf, Caddie Program Managers, and GM's from across the country - all looking to address different aspects of their caddie programs. It can be hard to navigate the myriad of challenges you face. It takes time that you probably don’t have. We’ve spent a lot of hours and energy curating this list so that you can understand the common challenges, how to address them, and what it takes to successfully implement change. Please feel free to access and use the resources to assess and improve your caddie program, and together we can preserve, protect, and grow the caddie tradition.


Dave Cavossa
Founder & CEO


Reimagining your caddie program.

Caddie traditions are essential for the game of golf, but for some, change is needed. Our customers are seeing incredible results thanks to improvements in communication technology, protection from classification issues, and ease of scheduling. Together, we can preserve, protect, and grow your caddie tradition.

Check out some of our best resources designed to help you assess your caddie program, including new ways to preserve the caddie tradition, protect the club, and improve the member and guest experience.


“Today there are many challenges facing our remaining caddie programs. We started CaddieNow because we wanted to preserve and protect the tradition of caddying and bring caddies back to the game of golf.”


We decided when we started CaddieNow that the only way to support the tradition of caddying was to protect clubs, caddies, and members and thus remove any of the barriers present to starting or maintaining a caddie program.


“By working together to preserve & protect your caddie program, we can grow the traditions of caddying far beyond where they are today, including investing in our youth - the future of our game.”

"By putting our 60 caddies on the CaddieNow platform (as CaddieNow IC's), what used to take 100's even thousands of texts, I can now do in 3 simple clicks."

- Alex Meyer, Caddie Manager - Victoria National Golf Club

"We're different, and CaddieNow's Software-as-a-Service model provides a simple, seamless solution that allows us to communicate, schedule, and remove cash from our Caddie Operation."

- Bill Sendell, Member Services - Tehama Golf Resort

"Addressing new labor laws in CA was our biggest concern. As the only company taking on caddies as its employees, CaddieNow's Premier Service Level provides the perfect solution for addressing AB-5's strict employee classification standards."

- John McCook, Director of Golf - Newport Beach Country Club

Enjoy our list of current articles below as we continue to inform, educate, and consult with clubs seeking to modernize their caddie programs, and protect themselves from the legal and financial risk from employee misclassification.

Happening in Your State

Employee or IC?

The news cycle is delivering a drumbeat of new legal action around the misclassification of employees. Already in 2020, there have been legal developments in NY, PA, VA, NJ, MA, CA, and more featuring cases of businesses misclassifying their workers as IC's instead of employees.

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Are your caddies independent contractors?

Are you sure?

This article from Wrapbook, a film and technology company specializing in software for the entertainment industry, does an excellent job of laying out the rules in each state. While not to be misconstrued as legal advice, there is sound information that will help you answer some lingering questions you may have. We can help you answer the rest. Learn More


“New laws are shaking the foundation of California's looper culture.”

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Uber and Lyft have built their billion-dollar businesses while denying their drivers basic employee protections and benefits for years,” Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said in a statement.


The Missouri Court of Appeals decision will make it more difficult (perhaps much more difficult) for employers to classify employees as independent contractors. Employers should review their employment relationships with workers currently designated as independent contractors.

New Jersey

“The 'Misclassification Package' exposes courses to new risks and makes it harder to work with IC's.”

New York

The Court’s expansive reading of "employment" could be the harbinger of other decisions that will require New York employers to reclassify many workers who are currently treated as independent contractors.”


Businesses now face a tougher standard under the state’s unemployment compensation law for demonstrating that a worker is an independent contractor and not an employee.


A plaintiff who successfully challenges his or her independent contractor status can recover back pay, benefits, expenses incurred, and other compensation due, along with reasonable attorney fees and costs.

Experience the CaddieNow Difference


Program Assessment

Modernize Your Program

With tee-sheet integrations, virtual check-ins, simplified payments, and performance ratings all at your fingertips, what used to take hours and hundreds of texts, is now literally 3 clicks on your phone. And with insurance and indemnification options, together we can preserve, protect, and grow your caddie traditions.

The main factors used when determining the employment status of a caddie center around two main tests - Borello and ABC.  ‘Borello’ is the easier test to pass IC status, and the law of the land, today, in about 45 States.

Liability Calculator - Determine Your Risk

The incorrect classification of caddies (or in fact any workers) can result in substantial liability for clubs. Access the calculator and determine your potential financial liability due to misclassification of your caddies.

Performance - Build a Meritocracy

With caddie ratings and 'Caddie Exclusion', golfers and caddies are paired properly. In addition, the best caddies get the most opportunities for work so learning how to become a better caddie becomes instilled in every round of your program.

COVID-19 Best Practices for Your Caddie Program

If we are confident of anything, it's that the guidelines you created for your 2020 Caddie Program didn't anticipate the rapid spread of Coronavirus. Now's the time for a different playbook - one that recognizes how together we can help prevent the spread of the disease.

Caddie Platforms should not be a one-size-fits-all proposition - but every program should fit in the palm of your hand.

Program Options

Comprehensive Caddie Program Management Solutions at Your Fingertips

What helps make CaddieNow unique is our commitment to protecting the caddies and the club from risk associated with employee classification issues. By offering solutions for insuring the caddies and indemnifying the club, you can confidently reassure your board and legal team that you have addressed potential liability associated with growing demand from state and federal agencies to treat workers as employees.

Allow us to protect your caddies with a pre-negotiated Occupational Accident policy we administer on your behalf.

Protect the Club

Reduce or remove the risks and hidden expenses associated with independent contractor labor laws quickly changing in the ‘gig’ economy

Training & Certifying

Our online learning video education series and on-course experience loops provide foundational instruction to ensure expectations are met.

Caddie Training

Caddie Recruiting

It starts with your existing caddies. Once they're on the platform, we also provide robust recruiting solutions to ensure the caddie corps is full.

caddie recruiting

The CaddieNow

Compliment your next Board Retreat with two rounds featuring our Pro Caddies at one of our Dormie Network partner clubs. Experience the CaddieNow difference while enjoying some of the finest destination accommodations in golf. Learn everything you need to know about what is possible for your caddie program. Request The CaddieNow Experience today!