Need a caddie? There’s an app for that

In his 2014 piece, “Where have all the caddies gone?” Mike Belkin wrote, “As I breezed through a quick round this past Saturday morning at Putterham Meadow, a muni just outside of Boston, the thought occurred to me that I might actually want a caddy. And I’m not talking about a lifer, but a local middle or high-school-kid…” Well, Mike, now you can. … Read More

Uber for Caddies? Yep, a New Company Is Striving to Pair Golfers With Loopers

Consider the caddie, an iconic sports world figure the modern age has largely left behind. In this country, at least, bagmen and women tend to cluster at restrictive private clubs and high-end resort courses, their services reserved for those with special access or deep pockets: a luxury beyond reach of the average Jane or Joe. Not that caddies have it … Read More