The Youth Caddie Resurgence Continues – Caddie & Leadership Academy

“The Youth Caddie Resurgence Continues – Caddie & Leadership Academy“ Phil Poletti Instrumental in CLA Growth Initiatives In our recent Blog Post Bringing Youth Caddies Back to the Game, we shared how the support of Youth, Diversity, and Inclusion is expanding youth caddie programs. Across the country, we are witnessing a renaissance of sorts as many have rediscovered their passion … Read More

Bringing Youth Caddies Back to the Game

“Bringing Youth Caddies Back to the Game” How Support of Youth, Diversity, and Inclusion is Growing Youth Caddie Programs Giving back to the game. For some, that is the greatest accomplishment one can achieve in the game of golf. Leaving it better than we found it – stronger for future generations. As golf participation continues to surge, it provides an … Read More

How Woodmont Simplified Its Caddie Program

“Simplifying Caddie Program Management” How Woodmont Leverages CaddieNow’s Suite of Services Welcome to Woodmont As one of the premier country clubs in the nation, Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, MD continues to serve its members with its world-class facilities, attentive staff, and a long history of excellence. It is particularly known for hosting USGA U.S. Open final sectional qualifying rounds … Read More

Building Player Profiles

“Pairing People and Technology to Ensure a Better Guest Experience” You Can Learn A Lot From A Caddie Building Player Profiles Entertaining clients on-course is a time-honored method for getting to know business partners. From proposing and sealing deals, to forming and celebrating successful partnerships, the on-course experience is vital. All of this happens regularly at private clubs and daily … Read More

CA Passes AB 2257

“California AB 2257 Passes, Providing Relief for Golf Professionals and Caddies” What this new legislation will mean to clubs in CA, and the potential impact on caddie programs. Yesterday CA’s State Assembly passed an urgent Repeal and Replace bill, titled AB 2257, designed to replace and dramatically amend the AB5 Law that went into place earlier this year in CA. … Read More

Challenging the Status Quo

“Who’s Challenging the Status Quo of Caddie Program Management?“ Over 60 clubs have already modernized their caddie programs. Now seems to be a great time to challenge the status quo. Still, like many in the golf industry, you have had your hands full managing the COVID environment personally and professionally. As the pandemic has affected clubs differently state by state, … Read More

Tee Sheet Integration

“Do You Integrate With Our Tee Sheet? “ Until recently, the golf industry has been slow to innovate and change traditional golf course operations.  COVID-19 has accelerated change and opened clubs and PGA Professionals up to new, different, and more efficient ways of solving age-old problems. As we continue our conversations with clubs across America regarding modernization of their caddie … Read More

Protect Your Caddies With OCC/ACC Insurance

Occupational Accident (Occ/Acc) Overview Occupational Accident Insurance, also known as Occ/Acc, was created for the trucking industry, given its focus on independent contractor truck drivers. They were not eligible for workers’ compensation programs mandated by the states for employees. Today, however, Occ/Acc has found many new applicable markets in the GiG economy, protecting the millions of part-time contractors, Uber drivers, … Read More

Virtual Caddyshack

“Riding the Bench” Meets the Virtual Caddyshack For generations, Clubs have used a paper sign-in sheet or the bench in the caddy shack to log incoming caddies and line them up. This nod to the ‘old-school’ way of caddies ‘riding the bench’ and ‘earning their stripes’ was great when caddies didn’t have other options. In today’s hyper-connected and youth sports-heavy … Read More

Danny Noonan – IC or Employee

Danny Noonan – IC or Employee? In recent months and years, several states have begun to examine the classification of Independent Contractors given the rise of the gig economy via platforms like Uber, Lyft, and Grubhub. New laws impacting caddie classification have been deemed by some to be shaking the foundations of the looper culture. California and Massachusetts lawmakers have passed … Read More