Newport Beach Country Club Launches New Caddie Program with CaddieNow

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Newport Beach Country Club Launches New Caddie Program with CaddieNow

Prestigious club preserving the caddie tradition

Haymarket, VA (December 19, 2019) – CaddieNow, committed to preserving and protecting the caddie tradition, has signed a partnership agreement with Newport Beach Country Club to create a better on-course experience for its members and guests.

Newport Beach Country Club is a private country club that offers its members exceptional golf, warm atmosphere and panoramic views of emerald fairways and sapphire seas. The Orange County California Club is partnering with CaddieNow to give members the opportunity to ‘play golf the way it was meant to be played’ – with a great caddie on the bag. The program will launch at Newport Beach this winter along with several new CaddieNow programs in California.

The CaddieNow service and platform will provide the club with several benefits, including recruiting, training, certification, payment and communications features that ensure the club can run a successful caddie program without taxing the existing staff and resources. Newport Beach Country Club is choosing CaddieNow because they want to ensure their members have every amenity and opportunity to have amazing experiences common to the Orange County lifestyle – having caddies enhances this experience.

“Caddies bring a unique feel to a golfer’s round and match our clubs’ culture and desire to give our members the best experience. We’ve wanted a great caddie program and now have the right partnerships in place with CaddieNow to make it possible,” said John McCook, Director of Golf, PGA. “We expect the program to launch this winter with a full corps of dedicated adult and youth caddies ready by the spring. CaddieNow is handling all of the details, as we requested, while supporting our Caddie Service Manager to help in daily caddie operations, a great benefit to us and our members,” continued McCook.

“Newport Beach Country Club is one of the most prestigious clubs in California, and we are excited to support them in all efforts to launch their caddie program,” said Dave Cavossa, CEO and Founder of CaddieNow. “With the new AB5 law changes in California, our employee-based solution will give Newport the needed protection and benefits for the caddies while also keeping the costs to the club at a minimum,” continued Cavossa.

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CaddieNow is creating the best walk in golf through its innovative approach to managing caddie programs and connecting with today’s workforce. The CaddieNow platform helps clubs pair golfers with caddies in addition to supporting paying, scheduling, rating and communicating with their caddies. CaddieNow promotes the tradition of caddying by elevating the standards of caddie services, serving clubs, and providing more opportunities for caddies. Founded in 2015, CaddieNow preserves and protects the caddie tradition while developing the most valuable relationships in golf. Operating in twelve states, including some of the Nation’s top 100 clubs, the platform is also used by thousands of golfers and caddies at tournaments and special events. For more information, go to