The CaddieNow Mission

We’re changing the way people think about caddie programs. CaddieNow’s mission is to bring caddies back to the game of golf while protecting and preserving caddie programs at the nations’ top 1,000 clubs.  For teens and college students, we want to introduce them to their first job.  For passionate adults with part-time openings, we help make their avocation their occupation. Not long ago we were just an app connecting golfers with on-demand caddies at roughly 100 clubs around the nation. Now we’re becoming the largest workforce solution in golf. Whether it’s a caddie, bag room attendant, or part-time labor we use technology and our pool of passionate ‘gig economy’ workers to give our clients what they want, when they want it.

For the people who caddie with us, our app represents a flexible new way to earn money. For courses, we help strengthen and protect their caddie programs, provide access to part-time labor, and improve their customer experience.  And that’s just what we’re doing today. We’re thinking about the future, too. With teams working on new ‘gig’ economy platforms for on-demand jobs in youth sports, we’re in for the long-haul.