Making Life Easier for the Golf Professionals at Newport Beach Country Club

“Making Life Easier for the Golf Professionals at Newport Beach Country Club”

How John McCook and NBCC Members and Guests are Benefitting

Last December, John McCook, Director of Golf at Newport Beach Country Club announced the new caddie program with CaddieNow by saying “Caddies bring a unique feel to a golfer’s round and match our clubs’ culture and desire to give our members the best experience.” 

The program launched over the winter with a full corps of dedicated adult and youth caddies ready by the spring. CaddieNow handled all of the details to help in daily caddie operations. “A great benefit to us and our members and guests,” McCook said.

It’s been almost a year since the program launched, and we recently caught up with NBCC’s staff who shared their thoughts on the program’s success, and how it benefits the members and guests.

What was communication and caddie program management like for your Caddie Programs/Managers before CaddieNow?

We did not have a caddie program until CaddieNow. They made it possible.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our product or service?

Booking and finding good caddies. We could not have caddies hanging around waiting for loops.  So the booking system solved that problem, and the recruiting CaddieNow provided made sure we found great caddies.

Where did you start your search?

The club’s owner and John McCook, Director of Golf, discovered the program through CaddieNow’s strong presence in California.

What made CaddieNow stand out from other options?

How easy it was to implement and use.

What was the obstacle that almost prevented you from investing in our platform, and how were you able to overcome it?

There were no obstacles, with CaddieNow providing the club with several benefits, including recruiting, training, certification, payment, and the communication platform, the decision was easy.

What are you able to achieve by partnering with CaddieNow that you weren’t able to previously?

NBCC Caddies Bring a Unique Feel

Providing members with great service and good caddies that know when to show up.  We have had very little no shows, and the consistency of caddie quality and caddies showing up on time has been great.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

The communication from management and the follow up to make sure we are happy with the program.

What’s the main reason you recommend CaddieNow?

Great people, who communicate and provide a great booking system.  Easy to use, easy to pick specific caddies for special requests.  Very straight forward for bookings.  Also, the email reminders we receive are great as well that remind the staff we have a caddie the day of helps.

What about CaddieNow surprises you the most?

How fluid the booking system is and how easy it is to navigate.  How much management communicates with us asking us if there is anything they can assist with.

What would you tell someone who’s considering modernizing their caddie program?

Do it, It will make life easier for the professional.  Booking for a caddie with a large caddie program allows the caddie to pick it up when it fits their schedule.  Which means the caddie wants to be there picking up the loop.   No more trying to call caddies to see if they are available.  Request the loop, send it out to the caddies on a first-come, first-served basis.  The loops get picked up and the caddie manager sees every interaction.  He knows who is coming to caddie and the caddie arrives 30 minutes before the loop.  Life is great!

Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about our platform, our people, or our solutions?

Again,  very easy for one professional and all professionals in the shop to book a caddie for a member or player.  You can request a specific type of loop, which lets the caddie know in advance what to expect that day,  No surprises.  And if caddies don’t show you have the ability to take them off the list to pick up a loop.  But 99% of the time they show you because they knew they would be available because they picked up the loop.  Really great service and an easy booking system to use.  Great for all parties.  You also get caddies that build relationships and then you can request specific caddies for member requests

Your Program. Your Control. Our Platform.

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