LOOPER Caddies On Demand becomes CaddieNow

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LOOPER Caddies On Demand becomes CaddieNow


Haymarket, VA (September 25, 2017) – LOOPER Caddies On Demand has changed its name to CaddieNow beginning today.  The popular App, which matches golfers with available caddies, has also undergone a major update as the company continues its expansion into additional  markets across America this Fall and in 2018.

Company officials believe now is the best time to rebrand the virtual marketplace to CaddieNow, as the name better conveys the service at a time when it continues to gain momentum, popularity and growth.  More courses have signed agreements with CaddieNow, including some legendary clubs with existing caddie programs to be announced soon.

“We are excited about the growth and future of our new brand,” said CaddieNow CEO Dave Cavossa, who helped found the company more than two years ago. “We are pleased clubs and courses are reaching out and inviting us to be their partners in providing golfers a better experience.  With our new and improved caddie management software, we have the latest technology right as we continue expanding nationally.

“In that spirit, CaddieNow instantly connotes what we provide,” Cavossa continued. “Looper was a good name to start with, but it’s an older term and somewhat dated.  We wanted to stay ahead of the curve and CaddieNow easily and quickly reflects who we are.”

CaddieNow launched its new website and app effective immediately today, along with a revised logo as part of the rebranding.  The service remains a shared-economy app, in the model of popular ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.  The user-friendly marketplace has gained a following in the industry because it’s easy for golfers to book caddies, for caddies to find work, and for courses to offer caddie services.

Just like when it was founded in 2015, CaddieNow will retain its stated mission: “To bring caddies back to the game and give every golfer at every course the option of taking a caddie.”  The company’s goal is to engage the youngest generation in golf by providing them exposure to the game and access to multiple courses as caddies.

To use the service, golfers simply download the CaddieNow app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices, and register.  After golfers enter the course, date and time they plan to play, they receive a confirmation notice from their looper, who will meet them at the course.  Fees range from $20 – $120, plus tip, depending on the golfer’s desired level of caddy experience.

CaddieNow continues to offer four levels of caddie service: JR LOOPER, LOOPER, FORE-LOOPER and PRO-LOOPER.  The company is currently operating on more than 100 courses.  CaddieNow has agreements with 70+ courses in six states and operates on 30 additional courses for special events.  The numbers in both those categories are growing.

About CaddieNow

CaddieNow is the nation’s leading virtual service platform matching golfers and caddies.  The company’s mission is to bring caddies back to golf by making them easily accessible to golfers of all skill levels at any course in America. CaddieNow has created a shared-economy app — in the model of popular ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft — that pairs golfers who want a caddie with an available looper in their area at affordable prices.  Founded in 2015, the company is headquartered in Haymarket, VA.  For more information go to http://www.CaddieNow.com.