How it Works


We sign courses and recruit caddies

CaddieNow has a ground team of regional managers and operational mangers that sign up courses, recruit caddies, create member kick-off and support their local region by bringing a customer service touch.   Courses sign a one-page agreement connecting them to CaddieNow and allowing the caddies to be on property.  Caddies are sent into our local orientations where they are qualified as a caddie and approved to caddie at the level of competency.  Our junior loopers are recruited from local high schools and other partners like First Tee, Youth on Course and more. 

Our Donation

CaddieNow is committed to growing the game of golf by providing everyone, and most importantly teens, a way to earn and learn around the game of golf. CaddieNow donates a portion of every loop to a local golf-related charity. Those charities and supporting organizations are listed below. This should just go to partner logos section. I don’t think we need to include copy on partners.

The Result

Playing golf with a CaddieNow looper is the way the game is meant to be played. When walking with a looper, a golfer feels like a pro, the caddies learns golf, the course offers a great member benefit and everyone enjoys the round more, gets more exercise, and most importantly, plays better.