Elevating All Aspects of Your Caddie Program

“Elevating All Aspects of Your Caddie Program”

How Dave Henry is Delivering Best-in-Class Golf
with CaddieNow’s Integrated Services

When Hidden Creek Golf Club in Egg Harbor, NJ, joined the Dormie Network family of courses in 2019, it was one of two Dormie Network courses that already had a caddie program. With many traditions in place, the transition of an established caddie program and traditional caddie corps to a more modern approach to caddie program management was a concern. Losing control is often something we hear from clubs as a barrier to change. 

With a full understanding of the challenges clubs face, our approach preserves all aspects of the caddie services. By working closely with the program manager, we can help clubs embrace change, modernize their program, and maintain their traditions. We sat down with Caddie Service Manager Dave Henry recently, as he shared his thoughts on the program’s success since taking over last year.

Hidden Creek Golf Club in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

What was communication and caddie program management like for your Caddie Programs before CaddieNow?

It was a bit disorganized when I took over the position in 2019. While I was not here pre CaddieNow, the previous caddie master would call/txt caddies the night before to arrange loops. The process has been streamlined with CaddieNow – I can’t imagine trying to communicate without the ability for caddies to claim loops automatically, as well as players being able to designate preferred caddies automatically.

What has been the biggest impact on your program?

Communication. Communication is the key, and the platform has seen dramatic improvements this season compared to last year. Navigating is much easier and the reconciliation process has dramatically improved. 

What are you able to achieve by partnering with CaddieNow that you weren’t able to previously?

On a day to day basis, the communication process has made assigning loops a much quicker process. CaddieNow has also helped in building our caddie program both by partnering with The Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholarship Foundation as well as marketing on several social media platforms. I have built a relationship with the team at CaddieNow and am very excited moving forward into 2021 as we continue to improve the caddie program at Hidden Creek.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

I am very impressed with how quickly changes have been made to the platform given the feedback the CaddieNow team has received from myself, our team here at Hidden Creek, and other team members at the other Dormie locations.

What’s the main reason you recommend CaddieNow?

Great people who communicate and provide a great booking system.  Easy to use, easy to pick specific caddies for special requests.  Very straight forward for bookings.  Also, the daily reports and email reminders help with planning, billing, and operational efficiency.

What about CaddieNow surprises you the most?

With the efforts of expanding to new clubs throughout the country and all that entails, CaddieNow has been there for me for whatever I need every step of the way!

What would you tell someone who’s considering modernizing their caddie program?

They should consider CaddieNow! The ways of dealing with cash (especially with the current climate) are going by the wayside. CaddieNow solves those problems. Assigning loops has been made tremendously easy plus CaddieNow protects your club from the traditional liabilities associated with having a caddie program. It’s a win/win and the team at CaddieNow will be there to help you grow your caddie program.

What are we doing differently than everyone else that makes CaddieNow the right decision?

CaddieNow is tremendously involved and genuinely wants to help grow the caddie program.

Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about our platform, our people, or our solutions?

I just want to say that I really appreciate all the help from everyone at CaddieNow! And look forward to working together to even further improve our caddie program at Hidden Creek.

Your Program. Your Control. Our Platform.

Modernizing your existing caddie program with tailored solutions from CaddieNow streamlines operations, reduces costs, and minimizes potential liabilities. Re-imagine the experience for your caddies, members, and staff. Start by checking out these Caddie Program Service Options, and let’s continue the conversation.

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