Requirements at All Courses

Before arriving at the course:

  • BRING your own water, towel, lunch/drink, laser rangefinder (optional), extra tees, pencil, ball markers and snack.
  • WEAR khaki pants or shorts and white shirt under your bib unless the course stipulates otherwise. CaddieNow hat and bib are required to be worn when on the property at all times.

At the course:

  • CHECK-IN at golf shop or starter at least 30-45 minutes before tee time. Request  the following items (some courses supply more items than others): pin sheet, tees, ball markers, sand/divot policy, where to meet golfer and wet your towel before starting the round.
  • TAKE a photo of your golfer's golf clubs/head covers before round to compare at end of round. 
  • PRESS "Start round" button on the app on the 1st tee.
  • PRESS "End round" button on the app after the 18th green.
  • LEAVE the course after your loop. Do not loiter at the course, pro shop or clubhouse.


  • ATTITUDE is everything.  Your tip will be based on your attitude toward the golfer/member. Take off hat and sunglasses and look your golfer in the eye when you greet him/her. Have a great attitude, be respectful, hustle, clean clubs and balls, create moments for golfers during round (hand putter, clean ball) and smile!  Remember you are our brand representatives, your attitude affects the golfer's experience and impacts the brand of CaddieNow, we are trusting you!