Insure Your Caddies
Indemnify Your Club

We’re changing the way you think about caddie programs. CaddieNow, the nation’s leading workforce solution for caddie programs, provides a highly customizable, full-service platform that helps clubs streamline operations, reduce costs and minimize the liabilities of their caddie program while elevating the golfer experience.


Customize the service option that matches your club's unique needs and desires:


Your Caddie Program, Our Technology. This Tech-only option is ideal for budget-minded Clubs. Keep your existing caddies and staff while our caddie management software makes operations, communications, paying, scheduling, booking and rating caddies much easier!


More Caddies, Technology and Insurance. The Independent Contractor Model, True IC, allows you to expand your caddie pool and quality, and provide more booking options and more protection for the club. We help recruit, certify and grow the quality of your caddie pool. Members can book a caddie using our mobile app or through your club’s existing caddie booking process.


Fully Customized Employee-Based Solution. Take all the headaches of managing your caddie program off your plate. We will upgrade the caddie experience at your club while protecting against class action lawsuits, FLSA, wage & hour and injury-based liability.


“CaddieNow allows me to provide a great benefit to our members without the headaches of a traditional caddie program.” — Jay Dufty, PGA Director of Golf, Washington Golf and Country Club


CaddieNow’s strength lies in three key areas: technology, customization and service. As a result, our customers see trusted results and feel secure they are protected.


CaddieNow’s industry leading technology is making caddie programs easier to manage than ever before. The combination of our cloud-based caddie manager dashboard, mobile app and caddie onboarding process simplify communications, streamline operations while allowing you to maintain complete control over your caddie program.



Customizing your program has never been easier. When we say customize, we mean truly your program, designed how you want it to look, feel and operate. We support how each club needs to keep their branding and still be powered by a software tool.



Our service is reflected in meeting your needs. CaddieNow’s team of dedicated departments in operations, ground support, caddie management, marketing and development allow for your members, staff and board to feel confident in their management team.