The Best
Gigs in Golf

Caddying has never been easier. Follow these 6 simple steps below to get started!

Step 1: Download the App

Download the CaddieNow app on the App Store or Google Play. Select when and where you’d like to caddie – currently over 100 courses in six states offer CaddieNow.

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      Caddying: What to Expect

      • You are your own boss

        Learn a skill that you can do full time or part time as long as you are able to walk

      • Only work when you want to

        Fall in love with the game of golf

      • Amazing connections with successful business people

        Become a student of the game by regularly watching good (and bad) players

      • Free golf at top-tier clubs!

        Earn scholarship dollars from your local caddie scholarship

      • Great pay with cash tips

        Make more money than any other part-time job you can find

      Step 2: Complete the Profile Questionnaire

      Click Here for the Caddie Profile Questionnaire


      The Best Relationships
      in Golf


      Step 3: Complete Virtual Orientation (40 Minutes)

      We require all of the caddies on our platform to get certified through an orientation. Our virtual portion can be done from anywhere on your computer or mobile device.  The invitation for our BNCHMARK Learning Management System will come from


      Step 4: Complete Paperwork (10 minutes)

      • Independent Contractor Agreement
      • Emergency Contact 
      • W9

      As in Independent Contractor, you will be required to fill out paperwork reviewing your relationship with CaddieNow as well as the proper documentation required for tax purposes. Click HERE for link to complete paperwork

      *Forms required may vary by state and in some states, you may be required to provide a work permit to be activated on the CaddieNow platform.

      Step 5: Set-Up Payment Processing Account

      CaddieNow uses STRIPE to process payments, and each contractor will be required to set-up their individual STRIPE account.


      You’re Just a Few Steps Away From…

      The Best Walk in Golf

      Step 6: Attend In-Person Certification Class

      Your next step is to sign up for a mandatory on-course orientation in your market. More dates/times will be added every week!

      Details will be given by the caddie manager. Our in-person certifications review the skill sets covered through the virtual orientation, cover customer service basics, demonstrate how to operate the CaddieNow app and go over on-the-course training as well.

      Orientation: What to Expect

      • Learn what your customers are going to expect from you during a round to get a 5-Star Rating and maximum tip!

      • Complete Your Paperwork

        Bring all your paperwork (see next section) signed and completed (by a parent if you are under 18 years old)

      • Get Certified

        Be prepared for a 3-hour session including classroom and on-course activity

      • Purchase Supplementary Materials

        Following orientation you will be able to purchase any materials that are necessary for your region or at your preferred course(s) to join the CaddieNow platform, including optional clothing (hat and bib). More information will be shared with you at orientation.

      • Connect Your Account

        You will learn how to connect your account with our payment processing system, to ensure you get paid immediately after each round!