Challenging the Status Quo

Who’s Challenging the Status Quo of Caddie Program Management?

Over 60 clubs have already modernized their caddie programs.

Now seems to be a great time to challenge the status quo. Still, like many in the golf industry, you have had your hands full managing the COVID environment personally and professionally. As the pandemic has affected clubs differently state by state, caddie activity varies, with some locations seeing none at all.

Through it all, there is one constant throughout this year – change. At home or work, virtually nothing has remained ‘status quo’. This year has been a time where management has mattered more than ever. It has been rewarding to see our best professionals step up to meet the challenges where staff decisions and actions have made a difference in people’s lives. Golf itself has made a difference! Walking the course has brought relief to a lot of people.

The opportunities are now numerous for technology that enables a higher level of convenience, safety, and service at clubs. Technology has been at the forefront of change worldwide especially as membership at so many clubs is expanding with new golfers and families used to technology throughout the rest of their lives.

In the past 2-3 years over 60 golf clubs have adopted new technology to approach caddie management using modern tools for communication, payment, and compliance. How can we help you challenge the status quo at your club?

What does modernizing your caddie program mean?

As goes the world, so goes golf clubs. In our everyday lives, we seamlessly use technology. Our way of life outside the golf course has driven change in how we manage club operations. We pay for golf shop goods and club services through cashless transactions. 

We measure distances to the flag & track player positions on the course with GPS. 

Whether it’s online training or assistance with contact tracing for members and guests visiting your club, technology platforms are being put to use to protect golf clubs, their boards & officers, and members and guests.

Who is doing it?

Following is a sampling of clubs that have recently adopted changes in the way they manage their caddie programs:



What are the benefits?

Is modernizing your caddie program the right path for you? We’re probably a little biased, so don’t take our word for it – take a look at this article from the Metropolitan Golf Association, providing a detailed case for adopting a modern way of running caddie programs. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

As we consult and promote change for the better, our role is to help you understand and think through what things would look like at your club should you choose to modernize, improve & protect your club and your caddie program. As you learn and remain aware of the benefits and drawbacks of what is available to you, we can help you assess the differences between modernizing versus the status quo. 

If you find yourself looking for ways to improve your caddie program, and ultimately the golfer experience, please consider continuing the conversation. The time &/or money clubs save and the efficiency with which they now work after adopting change will continue to drive the solutions we tailor for our partner courses. Together, we will preserve, protect, and grow the caddie tradition.

Please reach out anytime. We will do our best to keep you posted with relevant information in the meantime.

Your Program. Your Control. Our Platform

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