CaddieNow Launches at Three Palm Beach County Clubs

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CaddieNow Launches at Three Palm Beach County Clubs


Palm Beach, FL (January 11, 2018) – CaddieNow, the popular app bringing caddies back to the game, is now available in Palm Beach County and garnering positive reviews.

CaddieNow, a shared-economy app, in the model of well-known ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft, is now offering its service at three area golf clubs.  Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club was the first to sign with the caddie management tool and was soon joined by The Club at Admirals Cove and The Club at Ibis.

CaddieNow is new to this particular area of Florida, but gaining popularity quickly.  This follows a pattern for CaddieNow, the user-friendly, virtual service that has become popular in the industry because it’s easy for golfers to book caddies, for caddies to find work, and for courses to offer caddie services.

Neil Lockie, the Director of Golf at Jonathan’s Landing, has seen the positive effects of CaddieNow at his club in just the first few weeks.  “I am a believer the CaddieNow concept may provide a catalyst in the revival of the game of golf.  From the viewpoint of everyone involved — the player, the club and the caddie — the benefits are endless.”

Lockie expounded on the favorable results of partnering with CaddieNow, saying, “For the player, there is now a simple and affordable way to experience the game the way it was intended, walking.  For the club, there is the ability to offer a member amenity that comes at no cost to the club, and with minimal staff and set up requirements.  For the caddie, it’s an opportunity to earn some money while gaining exercise and then the ultimate gain, access to play this great game.  This program is truly exceptional and we are delighted to have it in place at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club.”

The company started in the Mid-Atlantic region in 2015 and expanded to neighboring states on the East Coast. Florida was the sixth state, and the first in the South, to get CaddieNow. It expanded to California last year and will add Texas this Spring.

“We are excited about our growth overall and of our presence in Florida in particular,” said Dave Cavossa, CaddieNow Founder and CEO. “We are proud to partner with clubs to provide golfers a better experience.  We also have the capacity to add and positively help even more.”

Cavossa added, “With our new and improved caddie management software, we are bringing the latest technology to Florida golf courses.  That is why more clubs, both private and public, are reaching out to partner with us and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

Terry Wittek, CaddieNow’s Regional Lead in Florida, also recognizes the uniqueness of the service and what it can do for local youths.  “Never before have teenagers in South Florida been afforded this much access to such an amazing opportunity. And I’m thrilled to be a part of that every single day,” Wittek said.

Since it was founded three years ago, CaddieNow’s stated mission has been to bring caddies back to the game of golf and make them accessible to golfers of all skill levels at lower costs at any course.  The company’s goal is to engage the youngest generation in golf by providing them exposure to the game and entry to multiple courses as caddies.

To use the service, golfers simply download the free CaddieNow app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices, and register.  After golfers enter the course, date and time they plan to play, they receive a confirmation notice from their looper, who will meet them at the course.

Fees for the service range from $30 – $80, plus tip, depending on the golfer’s desired level of caddy experience. CaddieNow offers four levels of caddie service: JR LOOPER, LOOPER, FORE-LOOPER and PRO-LOOPER.

About CaddieNow

CaddieNow is America’s fastest-growing, caddies-on-demand platform. Founded in 2015 and headquartered outside Washington, DC, its mission is to grow the game of golf through youth caddies and make them widely and easily accessible to golfers of all skill levels at affordable prices.  Available as a free download on iPhone and Android devices, golfers enter the course, day and time they plan to play and receive a confirmation notice from their caddie, who meets them at the course.  The company’s service is operating at almost 100 courses in six states with more to be added in 2018.  It is also used by thousands of golfers at tournaments and special events.  For more information go to