The Caddie Network and CaddieNow Join Forces


The Caddie Network and CaddieNow Join Forces

Continuing to Increase Caddie Exposure Across The Country

Haymarket, VA (May 10, 2019)CaddieNow, the nation’s most trusted caddie program, is partnering with The Caddie Network (TCN), the venture group helping to bring a fresh voice to the game of golf through the lens of caddies. Together the two entities will create a national awareness of the current ‘Caddie Renaissance’ underway.

CaddieNow announced the new partnership with TCN, the first and most influential caddie digital content platform dedicated to sharing caddie insights. The Caddie Network collaborates with caddies from the local grassroots level to professional caddies on the national level, bringing “on tour” stories and insights from both on and off the course. CaddieNow has over 5000 caddies on its mobile platform, all with great stories for why they caddie and what motivates them to be a “looper”.

In concert with the recent resurgence in caddie programs the partnership will raise the profile of caddies and their contribution to golf, and tell their behind-the-scenes stories giving voice to the industry and the opportunities that exist within the world of caddying. CaddieNow will become an integral part of helping bring stories forth and drive awareness about the younger generation of local caddies working on the CaddieNow platform.

“The mission and heart of both companies align so well,” said Dave Cavossa, CaddeNow CEO and Founder. “At CaddieNow we are creating the next generation of caddies while helping them grow in skills and insight. We are excited to have TCN as the vehicle in which they can gain more industry knowledge, find mentorship and raise the awareness of the wide variety of opportunities available to them.”

“TCN was launched with the goal to not only tell amazing stories of all caddies, professional and amateur, but to continue to raise the profile of the value that caddies play as part of the game of golf. Our partnership with CaddieNow adds a new important channel for us to do that,” said John von Stade, Co-Founder, The Caddie Network.

“Anyone who plays or has been around golf, knows that the game’s best storytellers are the caddies,” said T.J. Auclair, Director of Content. “The goal of The Caddie Network is to bring these priceless stories to the masses. Partnering with CaddieNow allows us to expand our reach to the grassroots level and connect with caddies all over the country to uncover the stories we know our audience will enjoy most.”

The first initiatives are already in motion, revolving around National Women’s Golf Day and the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club. Stay tuned for further developments.

About CaddieNow

CaddieNow is the Nation’s most trusted caddie service platform that pairs golfers with caddies, protects and preserves existing caddie programs at top clubs and resorts, and promotes the occupation of caddying by elevating the standards of caddie services. Founded in 2015 and headquartered outside Washington, DC, its mission is to grow the game of golf through youth caddies and make them widely and easily accessible to golfers of all skill levels at affordable prices. The company’s service is operating at more than 110 courses in eight states, including some of the top 100 clubs around the country. It is also used by thousands of golfers at tournaments and special events. For more information go to

The Caddie Network is the first-ever digital content platform fully dedicated to the unique and critically important profession of caddying. Caddies have a voice and a perspective like none other in sports. TCN showcases caddie insights and experiences, helping to bring golf fans worldwide a fresh, informative, entertaining and insider’s perspective. Our exclusive storytelling will be written and produced through the eyes of professional and amateur caddies, along with accomplished journalists, hosts and narrators, who will help shape and bring the compelling content to life for fans. TCN will also capture the unique relationships that exist between golfer and caddie. With more than 150 professional caddies participating, TCN is a digital content platform co-owned by Accelerated Growth PartnersAssociation of Professional Tour Caddies  and ITR Management. For more information, please visit The Caddie Network.