Caddie U Solves Independent Contractor and Booking Issues with CaddieNow

BEST FIRST JOB EVER: Caddie U solves Independent Contractor and Booking Issues with CaddieNow

Caddie U, a Minnesota 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and CaddieNow, a VA-based caddie service platform, have reached an agreement for Caddie U to represent CaddieNow in the Minnesota caddie market exclusively. Through its 2019 performance with Interlachen Country Club and Olympic Hills Golf Club, Caddie U now offers caddies, staff, and players with proven booking solutions for 2020.

“It’s been rewarding to work with the CaddieNow team to solve practical problems that have negatively affected caddie participation, staff bandwidth, and player satisfaction for years,” said Mark Haugejorde, CEO of Caddie U. “As a nonexclusive agent of the caddies, Caddie U solves the Independent Contractor issues for the caddies and golf facilities. Supported by our donors, we are committed to enhancing each component of the BEST FIRST JOB EVER. The CaddieNow app enables facilities to manage their program preferences as they choose, while caddies can pre-book their loops for maximum flexibility.”

“Robust technology is a must when working with youth and their schedules. The impact on staff is significant and immediate; importantly, there are also legal and insurance issues that CaddieNow has been investing in,” stated Dave Cavossa, CEO of CaddieNow. “Our success with the Youth on Course caddie program and over 100 courses in 12 states across the country ties very well into the Caddie U mission, and we are very pleased to be their partner.”

About Caddie U

Caddie U serves motivated teen caddies, students with disabilities, and players from diverse backgrounds with innovative programs that advance their social, workforce, and competitive aspirations as far as they choose. WE TEACH CLASS has four pillars: HAVE FUN – MAKE FRIENDS – SHOW CLASS – GIVE BACK

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About CaddieNow

CaddieNow is creating the best walk in golf through its innovative approach to managing caddie programs and connecting with today’s workforce. The CaddieNow platform helps clubs pair golfers with caddies in addition to supporting paying, scheduling, rating and communicating with their caddies. CaddieNow promotes the tradition of caddying by elevating the standards of caddie services, supporting clubs, and providing more opportunities for caddies. Founded in 2015, CaddieNow preserves and protects the caddie tradition while developing the most valuable relationships in golf. Operating at more than 110 courses in twelve states, including some of the Nation’s top 100 clubs, it is also used by thousands of golfers at tournaments and special events.