Bringing Youth Caddies Back to the Game

“Bringing Youth Caddies Back to the Game”

How Support of Youth, Diversity, and Inclusion is Growing Youth Caddie Programs

Giving back to the game. For some, that is the greatest accomplishment one can achieve in the game of golf. Leaving it better than we found it – stronger for future generations. As golf participation continues to surge, it provides an oasis of sorts for many, even after the easing of shutdowns. Yet, to reach the participation high-bar set over a decade ago, much work remains. We must continue to set the standard, along with the PGA of America and others, that a commitment to youth, inclusion, and diversity is vital to a successful resurgence. 

As Sandy Cross and others within the PGA have expressed, a natural extension of bringing youth back to the game is through caddying, and in particular – youth caddies. It makes sense on so many levels, yet we are just beginning to realize the potential benefits when you consider the overall impact. Creating jobs, fostering inclusion and diversity, adding value to the member/guest experience, informing the club of player preferences and insights, growing investment from vertically aligned partners, golf-knowledgeable labor at your fingertips – the list goes on.

Loop to LEAD - Learn, Earn, and Diversify

ROANOKE, VA – CaddieNow COO Tommy Joyce completes Loop To LEAD Training & Certification Experience Loops at Roanoke Country Club. Sessions are held regularly at partner Clubs across the country.  (Photo by Chuck Beasley/CaddieNow)

From courses with existing caddie programs to youth programs to courses with no program at all, when built and trained correctly, a caddie corps can transform your operation. 

Whether adult-only, youth-focused, or hybrid – success is ultimately defined by the level of support you receive in the development, growth, and protection of the caddie and club within all types of caddie programs. By combining the proper level of commitment with the current technology and protection available, you can re-imagine your caddie program.

An Integral Role

To continue our part in giving back to the game, a vital portion of the CaddieNow mission focuses on fostering, partnering, and growing youth caddie programs throughout the country. Today we are partnered with multiple existing youth caddie and ‘grow the game’ organizations – all having one similar theme – Loop To LEADLearn, Earn, and Diversify.

ORLANDO, FL – Workforce Diversification panel during the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Traci Edwards/PGA of America)

Supporting youth caddie programs throughout the country for the past 5+ years –

  • Supporting local The First Tee Chapters in DC, MD, VA, FL, TX, and HI
  • Partnering with Caddie-U in Minnesota, as they work to promote “The Best First Job Ever”
  • Helping Youth On Course scale their Caddie Academy to encompass 15+ courses in Northern California and Kentucky, and growing
  • Supporting the creation of a new youth caddie program at three municipal courses in Washington, DC, with CaddieNow partner Golf. My Future. My Game.
  • Helping the Caddie & Leadership Academy of Southeast Wisconsin expand its program to multiple courses and multiple regions
  • Heading into 2021, we are working with the Western Golf Association (WGA) to build six new youth caddie programs at Dormie Network clubs in 2021 in VA, TX, NE, IN, NJ, and NC.

Part of Our DNA

Loop to LEAD, Roanoke Country Club, Roanoke, VA

Youth caddies are part of our DNA – founder David Cavossa started as a youth caddie. Though he spent 20 years in the defense and telecom industry as an executive, his foundational years were caddying at Long Meadow Golf Club and Vesper Country Club in Lowell, MA.  Dave has always said that the skills he learned while caddying as a teenager – grit, determination, entrepreneurship, and learning how to carry yourself around adults – are what made him and thousands of other caddies successful as adults and in their early careers. 

Our COO, Tommy Joyce, was recognized as a US Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teacher in 2004, 2006, and 2011, and received Master Kids Teachers honors in 2012. In 2001, the Middle Atlantic PGA recognized him as their Junior Golf Leader and was a finalist for the national award.

COO – Tommy Joyce, 3-Time US Kids Golf Top 50 Teacher

His work with the Roanoke Valley Junior Golf Association provided foundational opportunities for hundreds of youth golfers, some who went on to play professionally, including Lanto Griffin. Countless others took their games to a higher level, standing as a testament to what can happen when you invest in youth to develop the game.

“We are taking a similar approach with caddie programs, and along with our partners, are putting our time, effort, and money where our passions are,” said Joyce.

Your Program. Your Control. Our Platform.

CaddieNow was founded in 2015 to preserve and protect the tradition of caddying at all courses.  Though our taglines have changed a few times over the past five years – our mission has remained the same – bring caddies back to the game of golf. Where they exist, we protect them,  and where it is needed, we provide recruiting, training, and certifications. Through it all, we recognize that it is Your Program. As your partner, we help you improve control through technology, allowing you to communicate more effectively with your caddies and staff via our platform.

Modernizing your existing caddie program with tailored solutions from CaddieNow streamlines operations, reduces costs, and minimizes potential liabilities. Re-imagine the experience for your caddies, members, and staff. Start by checking out these Caddie Program Service Options, and let’s continue the conversation.

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