Virtual Caddyshack

“Riding the Bench” Meets
the Virtual Caddyshack

For generations, Clubs have used a paper sign-in sheet or the bench in the caddy shack to log incoming caddies and line them up. This nod to the ‘old-school’ way of caddies ‘riding the bench’ and ‘earning their stripes’ was great when caddies didn’t have other options. In today’s hyper-connected and youth sports-heavy weekends and afternoons, waiting around in the hope of getting a loop isn’t ideal for caddie programs looking to maintain or grow a great team.

virtual check-in

The traditional way of scheduling caddies – google sheets, emails, phone calls, and text messages in the hundreds or even thousands a week, is unnecessarily time-consuming. Instead, finding and securing caddies using mobile technology, in-app alerts, geo-fencing, and virtual check-in reduces scheduling to just 3-4 clicks of a button in about 15 seconds, allowing for more time for other tasks, including interaction with members and guests. Meanwhile, caddies can now avoid time spent on site, which has become even more vital in the post-COVID-19 social distancing environment.

In the process, clubs and caddie programs look more organized and professional, with labor organized and truly on-demand. The result allows our caddie Independent Contractors the ability to use their free time more freely! No longer are they required to waste any time in the caddy shack.


By setting a “geo-fence” around your property at your desired radius, the caddies can virtually check-in, instantaneously making their interest and availability known to a caddie manager. Once in the geofenced ‘virtual queue’ (1-2 mile radius around your facility), the app alerts the club staff that a caddie is available, ready at a moment’s notice should there be an unscheduled or last-minute loop.

Benefits For Caddies

  • Saves times – usually spent traveling and waiting on-site without a loop
  • Added flexibility – whereby they can do other things while waiting/in queue
  • More opportunity – Caddies can be checked in at multiple clubs at once, or waiting on the bench at one club while also checked in at another local club (in close proximity)

Benefits For Clubs/Staff

  • Reduce congestion – of caddies on-site in the COVID-19 world we now live
  • Avoid Liability – associated with wage & hour and waiting on-site without work
  • Eliminate time spent – chasing, calling, texting, caddies for last-minute walk-ups

Efficiency and Organization 

Saving 1-2 minutes per caddie request may not seem like much of a difference. That said, after 100 requests a day and 10,000+ per year, we are talking hundreds of hours saved for your Professional staff and outside operations team in the middle of a hectic season.

“I’m not sitting in my office answering a thousand text messages a day, getting text messages at 3am from a caddie because he can’t make it to his 8am loop. Now, anyone on our team can schedule through 3 clicks of a button. It takes us about 15 seconds to schedule a caddie loop, instead of me blindly sending text messages out to 30 caddies.”
– Alex Fields, Lead Assistant/Caddie Manager, Victoria National

caddie communication

Customer Service

Less time spent managing, chasing, texting caddies means more time spent member-facing by your staff. Keep the best members of your staff focused on greeting arriving members and their guests and engaging with them rather than concentrate on caddie scheduling tasks that can now quickly be done by technology.

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