As the caddie-club relationship draws new scrutiny, some creative solutions surface

Golf Digest – February 15, 2018

Garden City Golf Club is one of the most celebrated courses in the world, a Devereux Emmett/Walter Travis collaboration that, thanks in part to Tom Doak’s more recent renovations, Golf Digest ranks as No. 46 in the U.S. and No. 9 in New York.

Set just 20 miles east of Manhattan, the club offers its members a respite from their everyday burdens: a comfortable old clubhouse; a rolling, pastoral golf course; and a team of seasoned caddies.

Yet it’s also the site of an ugly legal dispute over those same caddies, their working conditions and their pay. A former looper, Robert Wiggins, has sued the all-male club in federal court claiming it fails to pay caddies minimum wage or overtime and that it doesn’t make contributions on their behalf to Social Security, Medicare or unemployment insurance. Read More