As Clubs Face Increased Staffing Challenges, CaddieNow Emerges As A Natural And Popular Solution

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As Clubs Face Increased Staffing Challenges, CaddieNow Emerges As A Natural And Popular Solution

Haymarket, VA (March 11, 2018) – A spike in lawsuits against clubs by caddies and increased questions about overtime and independent contractor status have become issues and headaches for the industry recently, which in turn has focused attention on CaddieNow as a desirable partner and problem solver.

At the recent 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the legal climate surrounding staffing challenges was the hottest topic for course managers and club professionals stopping by the CaddieNow table. They shared their concerns and struggles to address the issue within existing tight budgets at a time of looming lawsuits, insurance requirements and regulatory burdens.

On the heels of several big developments, including partnerships with historic clubs and new market expansions, CaddieNow, “the Uber for caddies”, is now seen as a logical and popular solution to caddie management issues for courses with or without existing caddie programs.

Modeled after the well-known ride-sharing app, CaddieNow is America’s fastest-growing, caddie service platform. It pairs golfers who want a caddie with a true independent contractor, who has the flexibility to meet at the golfer’s preferred time and place. There is no cost to the club to offer the CaddieNow platform to their customers.

In addition to streamlining caddie management, the CaddieNow Concierge service for clubs includes insurance and liability coverage and provides caddies with true independent contractor status.

“We live in a litigious society nowadays, and unfortunately that’s only increasing,” said Dave Cavossa, CaddieNow Founder and CEO. “Traditional caddie programs are under assault, so we have built our platform to provide true independent contractors, which helps solve this problem. CaddieNow is moving golf into the “Gig” economy.

Cavossa explained, “This is an on-demand, ‘Gig’ world. This the future direction for the industry and its workforce, especially for a Millennial or Gen-Z’er. They want to work part-time, on-demand and have that flexibly of work hours and schedule. CaddieNow allows them to do all these things while providing an extra service to the courses at no cost and reducing liability.”

Known as the company bringing caddies back to the game, CaddieNow has experienced a significant bump in interest and new partnerships with more clubs and courses. It began organically with the renaissance and renewed interest in caddie usage. However, now that CaddieNow is seen as a natural and logical solution to staff management, the outreach and inquiries have multiplied.

“Even before this trend started, we were excited about the growth and future of our brand,” Cavossa said. “This has certainly amplified the need for our service, but we were already proud and pleased that all kinds of courses have invited us to be their partners simply based on the fact we provide golfers a better experience.”

CaddieNow has been growing and gaining momentum. The company started on the East Coast in Virginia and Maryland in 2015 and grew to California and the West Coast last year. It is now in Florida, Ohio, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Texas became the eighth state, and first in the Southwest, to get CaddieNow just this month.

About CaddieNow
CaddieNow is America’s fastest-growing, caddies-on-demand platform. Founded in 2015 and headquartered outside Washington, DC, its mission is to bring caddies back to the game of golf and grow the game through youth caddies and make them widely and easily accessible to golfers of all skill levels at affordable prices. Available as a free app on iPhone and Android devices, golfers enter the course, day and time they plan to play and receive a confirmation notice from their caddie, who meets them at the course. The company’s service is operating at more than 100 courses in eight states with plans to add more markets this year. It is also used by thousands of golfers at tournaments and special events. For more information go to

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