Why We Created CaddieNow

CaddieNow is dedicated to bringing caddies (loopers) back to the game and giving every golfer the OPTION of taking a caddie at every course. CaddieNow will enable everyone to ‘play like the pro’s', exercise more, and help grow the game with the crucial 14-20 year-old demographic.

The Problem

Golf carts have killed the caddie business in the U.S.  While carts make golf more accessible for some they have lessened the game for others.  For the millions of golfers, who would prefer to walk and to play the way they see on television, the option of a caddie means a return to the tradition of Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, and Arnold Palmer. 

The Solution

Traditional caddie programs are too expensive and too labor intensive for most courses to justify. CaddieNow makes caddie service viable for courses, accessible for players, and simple for caddies. CaddieNow provides courses and players with 'caddies on demand' through a mobile app-based caddie booking service and a regional pool of caddies ready to 'loop' on their schedule.

Playing golf with a CaddieNow looper is the way the game is meant to be played. When walking with a looper, a golfer feels like a pro, enjoys the round more, gets more exercise, and most importantly, plays better.  


  • Share course knowledge, yardages, ideal positions,
  • Search for lost balls,
  • Rake bunkers,
  • Fix divots and repair ball marks,
  • Read greens,
  • Support faster pace of play,
  • Encourage walking/exercise,
  • Provide camaraderie and support, AND
  • Carry your golf bag


Golf courses will benefit by providing their members, guests, and customers with cost-effective access to a luxury service currently only available at the most expensive and exclusive resorts. 

Customers benefit by gaining access to caddies at their local private, semi-private or public courses. 

The golf industry benefits from our focus on employing youth from all backgrounds and connecting them to a lifelong sport.

“So I jump ship in Hong Kong and I make my way over to Tibet and I get on as a looper at a course over in the Himalayas.”
— Bill Murray as Carl Spackler, CaddyShack 1979