CaddieNow Unveils Landmark Survey About Golfers Growing Appetite for Caddies

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CaddieNow Unveils Landmark Survey About Golfers Growing Appetite for Caddies

Research Jointly Developed with Buffalo.Agency Reveals Interesting Profile, Facts about Golfers and Their Adaptability to On-demand Technology

Haymarket, VA (October 12, 2017) – Nine out of 10 golfers consider themselves “intermediate or better” players and more than half have used caddies, according to an extensive, first-ever industry survey commissioned by CaddieNow (formerly Looper Caddies On Demand), the nation’s leading on-demand service matching golfers with caddies.

The landmark CaddieNow research, conducted by Buffalo.Agency this summer, shows 36% of golfers are willing to use an app like CaddieNow, highlighting their appetites for new technology while preserving the use of caddies and other traditional aspects of the game.

Of a targeted field of 330,000 golfers, plus public and private course managers, 1,341 respondents participated in the in-depth study to gauge golf trends and gain insight into industry preferences and attitudes.  The survey found 90% of golfers self-rank their game highly and two-thirds prefer to walk the course (66%).  The data, which is available to anyone to download for free at the company website, also reveals golfers are increasingly using on-demand technology at a time when CaddieNow is expanding across the country.

“Modeled after Uber and Lyft, CaddieNow makes it easy for golfers to book caddies, caddies to find work and courses to offer hassle-free caddie services,” says David Cavossa, Founder and CEO of CaddieNow.  “We commissioned the survey to even better understand those relationships and industry behaviors at large.”

“Caddying was once readily available nationwide and, as health and fitness benefits of walking rounds get more airtime, is back in vogue,” says Rich Katz, Founder and Managing Director of Buffalo.Agency.  “The study informs course operators that a large segment of golfers want the option to take a caddie whenever and wherever they play.”

In addition to “tour-like experiences” and receiving playing tips, golfers also cite someone carrying their bags, significantly more time to focus on their games and youth mentorship opportunities as leading factors in hiring caddies.

Many of the golfers (38%) enjoy playing with younger caddies because it gives them a sense of mentoring the younger generation.  Most prefer to hire high school or college-age caddies, 18-22, rather than Professional or Fore-Caddies.

Key insights from the 36% of golfers willing to use an on-demand caddie app are:

  • 89% ages 35-plus
  • 70% earn more than $100,000 annually
  • 65% play at least one round weekly
  • Willing to spend 28% more to hire a caddie than the entire survey population

A subset of the survey respondents, who are already users of the CaddieNow service, revealed:

  • 75% believe caddies should be offered at all courses
  • 70% play for the competition
  • 90% play golf for the enjoyment

“This is the most detailed analysis ever conducted of the golf industry and caddies,” Cavossa said.  “We wanted to share this information for the betterment of the game and the industry. The insight provided here benefits our partner courses, both public and private, but it can also help everyone grow the game, which is positive and valuable to the entire industry.”

Keeping to its objective of merging tradition with technology, the company is making the survey data available to everyone at no cost at Plans call for yearly research to follow the caddie phenomenon.

“This is the first survey. It’s a benchmark as CaddieNow is committed to doing this for the industry every year,” Cavossa said.  “We will continue to build on the information annually, this way everyone can track changes and continue to learn from the data.”

CaddieNow recently launched a new app and an updated website as part of its rebranding and name change from Looper Golf, but it remains the same popular, shared-economy app. Founded in 2015, CaddieNow’s stated mission is, “To bring caddies back to the game and make them accessible to golfers of all skill levels at lower cost at almost any course in America.”

The company’s goal is to engage the youngest generation in golf by providing them exposure to the game and entry to multiple courses as caddies.

To use the service, golfers simply download the CaddieNow app and register. CaddieNow is available for both iPhone and Android devices.  Golfers enter the course, date and time they plan to play and receive a confirmation notice from their caddie, who will meet them at the course.  Fees range from $20 - $120, plus tip, depending on the golfer’s desired level of caddy experience.  CaddieNow is a one-time download and available for unlimited use after that.

CaddieNow offers four levels of caddie service, JR LOOPER, LOOPER, FORE-LOOPER and PRO-LOOPER: Junior Loopers for entry-level caddies ages 14 to 16; Loopers for more knowledgeable, but not quite professional caddies; Pro-Loopers for seasoned caddies providing expert advice; and Fore-Loopers for foursomes with carts seeking faster rounds and enhanced experiences.

CaddieNow has agreements with 70+ courses in six states and operates on 30 additional courses for special events.  The numbers in both categories are growing as the service expands to more courses in additional markets.

About CaddieNow
CaddieNow is America’s fastest-growing, caddies-on-demand platform. Founded in 2015 and headquartered outside Washington, DC, its mission is to grow the game of golf through youth caddies and make them widely and easily accessible to golfers of all skill levels at affordable prices.  Available as a free download on iPhone and Android devices, golfers enter the course, day and time they plan to play and receive a confirmation notice from their caddie, who meets them at the course.  The company’s service is operating at almost 100 courses in six states with plans to add more markets in 2018.  It is also used by thousands of golfers at tournaments and special events. For more information go to