• Check in at golf shop 30 mins before tee time, ask for pin sheet, sand/divot policy, where to meet golfer.
  • Bring towel, lunch/drink, laser rangefinder (optional), extra tees, pencil, ball markers.
  • You must wear CaddieNow hat and bib on the property at all times.
  • Most courses require a white golf shirt and khaki pants or shorts under your bib.
  • Take a photo of golf clubs/head covers before round to compare at end of round.
  • Hit the "start round" button on first tee, and "end round" button as you are walking off 18th green.
  • Head home after your loop - do not loiter at course unless you are a member of that course.
  • Many courses offer employee discount for food or drinks when working that specific day as a looper - just ask.
  • Cancellation Policy and Associated Fines (download) - For review


"In The LOOP" is our weekly communication with caddies re: the CaddieNow Experience.  A reminder of key aspects of what is expected of CaddieNow loopers, what customers are looking for, how to gain a 5 Star Rating and HUGE tip every time you loop.